Free Workshops

JARI is hosting free workshops on the topics of Communication and Diversity. The workshops will be conducted via Zoom by Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

There is no cost to participate, all you have to do is register below. Sessions are limited to 20 participants per session, so register soon. The deadline to register is September 4th. The workshops are supported through the Y.S. and Y.W. Nam Fund at the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies (CFA).


This workshop will cover building communication skills with the overall goal being to improve the level of professionalism amongst co-workers.

Topics include:

  • The importance of effective communication with customers and co-workers
  • Basic steps in communication (to include knowing your audience and the use of appropriate language)
  • How emotions influence communication and how to control emotions
  • Turning poor communication examples into successful communication examples (to include written communication of various forms such as emails, memorandums) and oral communication
  • Public speaking basics including a focus on controlling verbal pauses and the use of slang
  • Nonverbal communication

Instructor: Diane Word – over 35 years of business, teaching, and human resource management experience.

Workshop Dates: September 10th and 17th from 1-3pm

Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity training is an investment in your employees, thus an investment in your company. Cultural awareness serves as a bridge between employees whose paths might not otherwise cross. Diversity training benefits a workplace by allowing employees to let their guards down and build healthy business relationships, as well as decreasing at-work bullying and discrimination. Diversity training improves the quality of work put out by employees. It produces a happier staff and, in turn, increases productivity.

Topics include:

  • Develop effective working relationships
  • Initiatives that complement non-discrimination compliance programs
  • Respecting others

Instructor: Diane Word – over 35 years of business, teaching, and human resource management experience.

Workshop Dates*:

  • September 23rd & 30th from 9am – 11am (Session 1)
  • September 24th & October 1st from 1pm – 3pm (Session 2)

*Each session is offered in two parts. Please indicate the session you plan to attend (Session 1 or 2).

Workshop Registration

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