Free Workshops

JARI is hosting a free workshop on the topic of Basic Blueprint Reading. The workshop will be conducted via Zoom by Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

There is no cost to participate; all you have to do is register below. Sessions are limited to 20 participants per session, so register soon. The workshops are supported through the “Supporting Learning Communities” grant program. The deadline to register is November 9.

November 16 & November 17
Instructor: Stan Kieta, PE, CAP, CEM, CEI, CLD, REAL Controls, Inc.

This workshop is designed to help production workers better understand all aspects of blueprints.  Participants will be taught the basics of blueprint reading, as well as interpreting all the information on the blueprint.

Participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify different views used on a blueprint.
  • Identify the different lines used on a blueprint.
  • Determine tolerances.
  • Understand all information in the Title Block.
  • The difference between general tolerances and specific tolerances.
  • Determine what processes are required to produce a part.
  • Ensure part is fabricated to the proper revision.
  • Understand the importance of notes.

Workshop Registration

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