Tara Brodish

After high school, Tara Brodish decided to attend Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, where she succeeded and graduated with a degree in General Studies. Her journey did not end with Penn Highlands, rather that is where her journey began as she continued on to earn her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree after earning her associate degree.

Tara flourished at Pennsylvania Highlands. She was an active member of Phi Theta Kappa and spent her last semester serving as a member of Student Government. The time she spent working with her fellow students and faculty gave her the confidence she needed to thrive in social atmospheres, helping her head down her current career path as a school teacher at a local school district.

According to Tara, Penn Highlands was the best option for her to start out at as it provided her a low financial burden. She was able to pay off her student loans within three years of graduating.

Ultimately, Tara Brodish credits Penn Highlands Community College with changing her life, “I don’t think I would have been successful in my career if I had not started my academic journey at Penn Highlands. The classes, instructors, and staff were encouraging, supportive, and genuine. The environment of support I received outside of the classroom paired with the education I learned in the classroom gave me what I needed to later attend a four-year institution and successfully start my career.”

Published: 6/6/16