Mike Viveros

Mike Viveros spent many years following a plan that just didn’t end up working out the way he imagined. After falling behind and barely making it, pretty much giving up on the prospect of a better life, he realized that he actually wanted to strive for more. Through this revelation, Mike decided to head back for an education at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and pursue his passions.

Mike prospered while attending Penn Highlands. He enjoyed the small class sizes, friendly atmosphere, and the student/faculty culture. He enjoyed how someone was always willing to engage his questions and expand on concepts that went above and beyond the curriculum.

After graduating from Penn Highlands with a degree in Network Administration, Mike moved on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. With his recent success, Mike is moving on with a successful career as a software engineer, where he was hired to develop healthcare apps for the region.

“Penn Highlands was the platform on which I was able to build my professional skills, leading to all the opportunities and advancements that came after. In a matter of two years, I had become the budding specialist that I needed to be, not to mention the strength of body and mind that I achieved. Without the groundwork that was laid for me by Penn Highlands, I don’t know if such a path would have been possible for me,” stated Mike Viveros on his experiences with Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

Published: 6/6/16