Kylie Garrett

Kylie Garrett is a graduate of the Business Administration program at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. She attended the Ebensburg Center and was among the many students who took advantage of the College’s regional, state-of-the-art facilities.

Kylie enjoyed her college experience at Penn Highlands. She enjoyed how classes are small in size, allowing her more time to get to know the professors that educate her. She also appreciated the personal touch that Pennsylvania Highlands is able to provide, as getting to know her fellow students and faculty was such a positive experience.

As one of the students taking advantage of the College’s Board Academic Scholarship, Kylie had a full-tuition scholarship that was available for up to five semesters at Pennsylvania Highlands. The scholarship is great for both her and her family. “I have two older sisters who were in their last year of school, and with me starting we’d have three in college. My parents were worried about how they would be able to do that financially. Because of this scholarship, I can attend Pennsylvania Highlands, and my parents are not financially strapped – having three children in college at the same time.”

In talking more with Kylie, she goes on to discuss both the transferability and affordability of the College. “Start here, earn the credits you need, and it will be much more affordable for you in the long run.” Equipped with an associate degree, Kylie now plans to move on and earn her bachelor’s degree at Penn State University.

Published: 9/12/15