Dontae Lilly

Dontae Lilly is a successful graduate of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. He earned his associate degree in Business Management in 2009, and then moved on to complete his bachelor’s degree at Saint Francis University.

Prior to attending Pennsylvania Highlands, Dontae had a career in the military. After the military, Dontae and his family moved back to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Upon his family’s return to the area, he started visiting local colleges and universities to see what they had to offer, and ended up choosing Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

Dontae chose Pennsylvania Highlands for a variety of reasons, top among those reasons were two. First, the faculty and staff were highly supportive, making him feel at ease with his transition from military life. Second, his military and life experiences were able to transfer over as credits, helping him achieve his goals quicker and with less of a financial burden.

While attending, Dontae excelled and became President of Student Government. His leadership shined both in and out of the classroom. Dontae ultimately attributes Pennsylvania Highlands for helping him with his transition from the military into his now successful post-military career.

Published: 9/12/15