Daniel Dabbs

Right after high school, Daniel Dabbs, Jr. attended a four-year university aspiring to become a teacher. After about a year, he slowly lost interest in college, eventually opting to leave college entirely with no intent on returning in the future.

Dan went to work at a local convenience store where he began to think more about his life and what he wanted his future to be. Reflecting on his life thus far, he decided to give college another try and enroll at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College based on recommendations from his closest friends.

“Pennsylvania Highlands was and still is everything I was hoping a college to be,” stated Dan Dabbs. He continued, “All of the professors were wonderful and extremely helpful in my quest for knowledge. I did not know what I wanted to study, but after taking an intro course for Criminal Justice and meeting Dr. Robert Clark I knew what I wanted to become. Dr. Clark provided me a different insight, one that made education fun again and led me to seek a career in Criminal Justice.”

Dan recently received his associate degree in Criminal Justice and is continuing on his educational quest by striving for a master’s degree. He credits Penn Highlands Community College with making education and the concept of seeking a degree an enjoyable experience.

Published: 9/12/16