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Sustainable Agriculture (A.A.S.)

Agriculture continues to be the largest industry in the State of Pennsylvania. The benefit of a controlled agriculture program is the ability to produce food year-round without dependence upon ideal weather conditions, use of pesticides, or need for the expense of land and heavy equipment. Our Sustainable Agriculture, or Sustainability: Hydroponics, Agriculture and Rural Entrepreneurship (SHARE), degree prepares individuals for the sustainable agriculture industry, including traditional agribusiness and the emerging field of controlled environment agriculture.

This program is looking at a Fall 2024 start. Express your interest today.

Learn skills that can be transferred to any controlled agriculture industry. This includes the new medical marijuana production industry (highly regulated) that has been introduced in Pennsylvania where plants are grown and harvested in a controlled environment. And, students will learn both horticulture and aquaculture, which are growing sectors within the sustainable agriculture industry.

Gain the experience to own and/or operate an agribusiness. Our program is partnered with Sandyvale Memorial Park, where students will get practical hands-on experience combined with theory application. Penn Highlands will use the greenhouse for both hydroponic plant growth and traditional greenhouse growing.

Requirements & Course Sequence Career & Job Opportunities

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate the competencies necessary to work in a controlled environment agriculture sector.
  2. Identify the need for sustainability in traditional and non-traditional agribusinesses.