Child Development (A.A.S.)

Since July 2017, 509 jobs were posted by companies in our region for professionals in this field. The median salary for a preschool/childcare education administrator is $45,030 per year. (Source: EMSI Career Coach)

Do you like shaping young minds? Do you have a passion for helping children make that ever so difficult leap into adulthood? Our Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Child Development will fit you perfectly if this is your desired career path.

An A.A.S. in Child Development degree will provide students with the solid foundation necessary to excel at working with young children and helping them become well-rounded individuals. Students will also gain the skills to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for nurturing young minds.

After graduating with this A.A.S., degree, students will be confident role models for our youth. All graduates will be prepared for any number of entry-level positions related to the child care profession. Graduates will be ready to shape the future of our society; they will be ready mold the young in our community.

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Program Objectives

The program objectives for this degree will follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards as follows:

  1. Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning
  2. Standard 2: Building Family and Community Relationships
  3. Standard 3: Observing, Documenting and Assessing to Support Young Children and Families
  4. Standard 4: Using Developmentally Effective Approaches to Connect with Children and Families
  5. Standard 5: Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum
  6. Standard 6: Becoming a Professional

Requirements & Course Sequence

All course requirements and the recommended sequence of courses for this program can be found through the College’s Online Academic Catalog. Click here to access the catalog for details on our Child Development program.

Program Availability

Child Development is available at the following locations:

Career Coach Bar per program.

1.888.385.7325 (PEAK)