Project Request

To initiate and add a project for completion, please fill out the proper request(s) below. Please attach all supporting documents to any request before submitting.

In order to make sure that all items that are requested will be completed properly and on time, while showing quality, please adhere to the submission dates outlined in the option descriptions. The submission dates for each option are determined based on a multitude of factors. If you have any questions, please contact Marketing & Communications at 814.262.3816 or marketing@pennhighlands.edu.

  • Business Card Request

    Business Card Request: An approved PO is required prior to submitting a Business Card Request. Please list Office Depot as the vendor and Andrew Podolak as the purchasing agent on the PO. The cost is $24 for 250 business cards or $25.98 for 500 business cards. The printer typically takes 10-14 business days to print and deliver.

    Submit a Business Card Request


  • Digital Signage Request

    Digital Signage Request: Submit 3 weeks prior to when you wish to have your advertisement or design placed on the digital signage screens. This option will allow Marketing & Communications to create and properly distribute any designs to the digital signage software.

    Note: For individual events, our general practice is to list the event on our feed with other weekly events when specific campaigns are not in effect.

    Digital Signage Request


  • File Request

    File Request: Submit 3 days prior to when you wish to have the file(s). Dependent upon output, files may be downsized or watermarked. For files that need to be altered for emails, web, etc., please allow 1 week for the request to be completed.

    Submit a File Request


  • Miscellaneous Design Inquiry

    Miscellaneous Design Inquiry: Submit 5 weeks prior to when you are in need of a design for any of a multitude of purposes. Items include designs and logos for shirts, advertisements, promotional items, out-of-house printing, etc.

    Submit a Miscellaneous Design Inquiry


  • New (Print) Design Inquiry

    NEW (Print) Design Inquiry: Submit 3 weeks prior to when you are in need of a design for any of a multitude of purposes. This is for in-house designs only (via the Marketing printer). This section refers to the need for publication and promotional material designs, such as flyers, postcards, table tents, and more. For digital pieces and other design items, please complete a Miscellaneous Design Inquiry.

    Submit a New Design Inquiry


  • Photography/Videography Request

    Photography/Videography Request: Submit 1 week prior to when you wish to have an event, person, or item photographed/recorded for College use. Photos or videos can be placed in the College’s common drive for up to 2 weeks before they are completely moved to the archives.

    Submit a Photo/Video Request


  • Press/News Release Request

    Press/News Release Request: Submit 2 weeks prior to when you wish to have a piece of information mentioned on the news. Based on the facility chosen, the release will be distributed to the appropriate media outlets. All releases will be posted on the College’s website newsroom.

    Note: We cannot guarantee run dates or inclusion as that is determined by the media; the media has the right to edit our releases as they see fit.

    Submit a Press/News Release Request


  • Printing Request

    Printing Request: Submit 1 week prior to when you need your item printed. Marketing & Communications has the right to review any items sent to us to be printed.

    Note: For prints of 250 pages or more, Marketing & Communications may request a budget transfer for printing costs.

    Submit a Printing Request


  • Promotional Items Request

    Promotional Items Request: Submit 1 week prior to when you are seeking items to hand out at an event, discussion, etc. For departments/facilities needing 25 or more items, please inquire about ordering items specific for your event.

    Note: If you are in need of a special promotional item, please submit your request 8 weeks prior to the date the item is needed.

    Submit a Promotional Items Request


  • Social Media Request

    Social Media Request: Submit 2 weeks prior to when you wish to have a person, item, or event promoted via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Click here to view our social media guidelines.

    Note: If you are wishing to promote an event, please submit information at least 1 month prior to get the most out of your social media efforts.

    Submit a Social Media Request


  • Website Request

    Website Request: Submit 1 week prior to when text updates are needed on the website. For requests to add new pages or sections to the website, please contact Marketing & Communications for a completion timeline. Also, this section is to be used to inquire about any additional web possibilities such as video, forms, etc.

    Submit a Website Request