Press & the Media

Marketing & Communications provides all media and communications services and support for all academic and administrative areas of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. Marketing & Communications handles all media relations and is the principal contact for all communications between the College and media representatives, as determined by the President’s Office.

Marketing & Communications advances the College’s reputation and identity by providing printed and electronic information to a wide variety of internal and external audiences. Marketing & Communications distributes information about the College to the media for the purpose of developing a public relationship and understanding of its mission, message, positioning, and identity.

Marketing & Communications provides strategic public relations planning, and internal, executive, and marketing communications for the College in accordance with institutional priorities.

Members of the College community are encouraged to submit content for press coverage by completing a project request. The details about where press releases are distributed can be found within the College’s Integrated Marketing Communications Plan.

Click here to complete a press release request.

Process & Media Theory

Marketing & Communications generates media coverage by identifying opportunities in breaking news, and by placing news, features, and other information that support the College’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Marketing & Communications manages the placement of faculty experts in various media to discuss College research, projects, initiatives, or other newsworthy events. In addition, Marketing & Communications oversees movie, commercial, and special filming projects on location, and the production of public service announcements which support the College’s mission.

Factors that help determine if an event or opportunity is newsworthy:

  • A new or unique program at the College.
  • A breakthrough in College research or ingenuity.
  • A significant award or grant won by a faculty or staff member, student, alumni, or administrator.
  • A significant special event consistent with the College’s mission and objectives.
  • An individual or College-related activity that ties in directly with breaking news, or a major regional, national, or global story.

Media Approval & Point of Contact

All members of the College community are encouraged to promote teaching, scholarly research, and the free exchange of ideas, as well as carry out the rights and responsibilities which flow from the exercise of academic freedom, while recognizing the inherent need to provide accurate information to the public and preserve the College’s reputation as a quality institution. In support, all interaction with the media on issues and policies regarding the College must be cleared by Marketing & Communications and the President’s Office.

  • Only Marketing & Communications will act as the official news source and principal contact for all communications between the College and media representatives.
  • Only designated College spokespersons have the authority to represent the College or speak with the media within their area of expertise unless cleared by Marketing & Communications.
  • Marketing & Communications must be notified in advance of all media visits for the purpose of accompanying reporters and/or photographers to ensure that procedures regarding security and confidentiality are followed.
  • Marketing must be promptly notified of all potentially sensitive, contentious, or controversial media inquiries for the purpose of identifying the appropriate spokesperson and arranging for interviews or statements, if deemed necessary.

The above applies to all interviews, tapings, and event coverage, whether hosted by students, staff, faculty, or external parties using the College’s premises. Members of the College community requesting assistance to publicize an event or opportunity should submit requests at least two weeks prior utilizing the project request form. All submissions are subject to discretion for publication based on the interests of the College and institutional priorities.