External Scholarships

There are additional scholarships available for Penn Highlands students.

As Pennsylvania Highlands Community College continues to expand offerings throughout the Southern Alleghenies, businesses reach out to the College to offer support funds to our students. Outside of the scholarships offered through the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Foundation, businesses can offer scholarships to Penn Highlands’ students directly, as listed below. Please contact the business directly to gain eligibility requirements.

If you or your business would like to offer a scholarship to our students, please contact the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Foundation at 814.262.6499.

Additional Scholarships

  • JWF Industries – John J. Polacek, Senior Memorial Welding Scholarship

    The purpose of the John J. Polacek, Sr. Scholarship is to provide financial support to selected high school and college students who wish to further their education and skills development in the field of Welding and Metal Fabrication. The Scholarship is designed to reward the work ethic, character, intellectual development, and skills enhancement of the Scholarship recipients to reimburse the student loans for those participating in the Associate’s Degree in Welding Technology from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

    For more information and eligibility requirements for this scholarship, please contact JWF Industries at 800-225-WELD.