Late Start Courses

Late Start Classes begin February 2nd… it is not too late to pursue your associate or bachelor’s degree.

Designed for those who were undecided or not enjoying their current college experience, late start options begin a few weeks after the semester begins in a condensed format. This allows you to not miss a thing and stay on track.

Late Start Course Options
ANT 100 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Online)
AST 100 – Introduction to Astronomy (Online)
BUS 230 – Principles of Marketing (Online)
COM 101 – Public Speaking (Online)
CIT 100 – Microcomputer Applications (Online)
ENG 110 – English Composition I (Online)
ENG 200 – English Composition II (Online)
GOV 100 – Introduction to American National Government (Online)
MUS 100 – Introduction to Music (Online)
ECO 110 – Microeconomics (Online)

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