Kylee Doyle

Kylee Doyle was one of many students to utilize dual enrollment credits to help her earn her degree faster than anticipated. She was able to earn 31 college credits while in high school through the College’s Accelerated College Education (dual enrollment) program.

Dual enrollment is one of the reasons that led her to complete her associate’s degree at Penn Highlands, as these credits would help her earn an associate’s degree after just one year of college. “With over 30 credits already, I wanted to attend Penn Highlands to finish earning my associate’s degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. As it would only take one year, I was able to save a ton of money,” stated Kylee Doyle.

After setting foot on campus, she began to realize how great of an experience Penn Highlands would be. Kylee recollected, “I never understood how great of an opportunity the College offered for people of all ages and backgrounds. I once hated the idea of going to college, but after one year at Penn Highlands I loved it.”

She got involved with many sports and organizations, learning a lot about herself and becoming the person she wants to be. Kylee plans to continue her education and earn a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Her love for helping others has her determined to work for a non-profit organization when she finishes her college experience.

Published: 8/1/17