Accelerated College Education

The Accelerated College Education, also known as dual enrollment, is a partnership between Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and participating high schools. Accelerated College Education (ACE) offers college credits to high school students during the regular school day. ACE provides both high school and college credit (dual enrollment) allowing students to fulfill high school graduation requirements while earning college credits.

Students enroll in courses at both their high school and the College, and must register online. To apply for ACE, please visit Admissions by clicking here. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College credits are recorded on a permanent college record and transcript. High schools are responsible for recording high school credits. Both vocational and general education classes may be offered.

Accelerated College Education courses are taught by certified high school teachers who assure that the academic rigor is equivalent to the same course taught at a Pennsylvania Highlands facility. ACE Faculty Liaisons monitor high school Accelerated College Education courses.

High schools hold the primary responsibility for identifying students who are eligible to participate in ACE courses. Student eligibility requirements must be selective enough to predict a successful experience.

Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Accelerated College Education (ACE) Program provides leadership in maintaining partnerships with secondary education institutions that offer high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit concurrently as they enroll in and complete Pennsylvania Highlands Community College courses at an approved high school campus.

Program History

ACE began in 2004 with seven high schools, enrolling 275 students, and offering 29 sections of Pennsylvania Highlands courses. Today, ACE operates in more than 50 high schools across 12 counties and works with more than 250 instructors who teach ACE courses to over 1,200 students. Student enrollment growth demonstrates that the ACE experience is beneficial. Each year, new high schools become ACE partners allowing for more high school students to expand their educational opportunities.


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