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What is MyLab?

MyLab is an online course system specifically designed to be used with certain textbooks. Some instructors will require students to use MyLab as part of their online courses. MyLab offers online tests, discussion boards, online chat and more through it's own online system, outside eLearning.

Getting Started with MyLab

MyLab requires students to register when they use it for a class. This requires several pieces of information. Go to the MyLab official page below for links to information about MyLab.

Note - MyLab is not owned by Pennsylvania Highlands, meaning the College's IT Helpdesk cannot help with MyLab issues. Contact MyLab using the link below for help.

MyLab technical Support Link

What technology skills do I need to to use MyLab?

The following skills sets are necessary in order to ensure a positive experience for you.

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Basic/Intermediate Typing Skills

  • Basic/Intermediate Email Skills