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Certificates & Diplomas

At Penn Highlands, we understand that many of you might want to enter or get back into the workforce as quickly as possible.

Our certificate and diploma programs will help you do just that. These programs are designed to be earned in less than two years; often times only taking a year to complete.

Additionally, in many cases, you can obtain your diploma or certificate and then continue on with completing your associate’s degree, giving you the ability to focus on your career while also continuing your education.

Certificates & Diplomas




Child Development (Diploma) 


Medical Coding Specialist (Diploma)




Architectural Technology (Certificate)


Child Development (Certificate)


Child Development Associate (Certificate)


Civil Technology (Certificate)


Computer Support Specialist (Certificate)


Early Childhood Management and Leadership (Certificate)


Information Security and Analysis (Certificate)


Network Administration (Certificate)


Office Administrative Specialist (Certificate)


Pharmacy Technician (Certificate)

For full descriptions and sequence of courses examples, please visit the College's Catalog at elog.pennhighlands.edu.