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Child Development (Certificate)

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Is your time limited, but yet committed to searching out options in your chosen field of education? Would you like to focus on core courses in an education field, but not commit to an entire degree program? Has your current employer, suggested to just “take a few classes” to move up the career ladder? If so, our Child Development certificate will fit your goals perfectly.

The Child Development Certificate will provide students with a solid core of education courses which may then be utilized in a variety of pathways toward other degrees. Even though this certificate is only sixteen credits, students will be gaining professional knowledge, skills and abilities to benefit them early on to assist in deciding upon an education career goal or assisting them to move up the career ladder in a current child care giver employment position.

After graduating with this Child Development Certificate, recipients will be prepared to work toward the Child Development Diploma, Child Development A.A.S. or Early Childhood Education A.A. degree. All graduates will also be prepared for any number of entry-level positions related to the child care profession. 

Program Objectives

  1. Create healthy, safe, supportive, respectful, and challenging environments for all children based on an understanding of child development and learning (NAEYC standard 1).
  2. Demonstrate respectful, reciprocal relationships with families and communities in order to empower families in children's learning and development and adapt learning experiences to address the diversity found in child development, family structures, and society (NAEYC standard 2).
  3. Engage in authentic responsible use of observation, documentation, assessment, and evaluation in order to inform teaching, to identify child needs and strengths, and to determine family and community needs and strengths thus enhancing child learning and development (NAEYC standard 3).
  4. Plan, implement, and evaluate developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all children from birth through 4th grade (NAEYC standard 4).
  5. Present a professional portfolio documenting professional credentialing, experiences in the field, hours spent in the field, competency level, and use it in a professional interview defining themselves as professionals in the field of early childhood education (NAEYC standard 5).
  6. Demonstrate and articulate early childhood education professional values, ethics, and philosophy (NAEYC standard 5).

Career Opportunities

  • Child Care Worker
  • Child Care Provider
  • Child Caregiver
  • Before and After School Daycare Worker
  • Nanny

Required Courses

  • ECE 101 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 110 - Child Development
  • ECE 140 - Early Childhood Environments
  • ECE 215 - Teaching: Integrating Curriculum through Creative Expression
  • ECE 250 - Children, Families, and Community
  • FYE 100 - First Year Experience

Minimum credits to earn Certificate: 16

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