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Pharmacy Technician (Certificate)

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A red-eyed customer has a sneezing fit, and then complains that his or her usual allergy medicine isn’t working this season. Are you able to help that customer find an alternative to help ease the symptoms? Pharmacy technicians answer questions like this while helping patients understand the drugs that they take.

The Pharmacy Technician Certificate prepares individuals for becoming a pharmacy technician and other roles of supportive personnel in hospital and community pharmacies. This individual will be confident in providing assistance to Registered Pharmacists in a variety of tasks involving the preparation, packaging, distribution, labeling, and recording of drugs. Plus, students are prepared for all roles in a pharmacy which include billing, maintenance of stock, computer data entry, legal and ethical guidelines, and professionalism.

After completing the certificate, students are able to enter the pharmaceutical profession as confident and highly-skilled professionals, able to handle any medication issue that comes to surface. Graduates will be ready to help keep our community members healthy and happy.

Career Opportunities

Hospital pharmacies
Community pharmacies
Closed (Private) Pharmacies
Extended care facilities
Home health agencies
Satellite pharmacies
Mail order pharmacy distribution centers
Pharmaceutical auditor
Insurance auditor

Key Classes

Pharmacy Calculations
Pharmacy Law and Ethics
Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians
Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Pharmacy Technician Practice
Financial Management in Health Care
Hospital & Retail Internship

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