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Welding Technology (A.A.S.)

Welder WeldingDescription

Do you like working with your hands? Does creating and sculpting large-scale projects sound intriguing? If you answered “yes”, entering into a career with our Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology might work for you. Discover the fabrication and sculptural process that joins many metals and materials together in this program. It may also open the door to many other production careers.

Welding Technology teaches the basics and preps students for rapid advancement in shop planning, inspection, supervision, and so much more. Be ready to get your hands dirty as the program highlights hands-on training in various welding styles, while developing technical knowledge of blueprint reading, layout, metallurgy, and manipulative welding skills. Essentially, you will be confident in your skills and training once completing this program.

Our Welding Technology program will provide students with the foundation necessary to find success in the welding field or a closely-related profession. Be ready for immediate employment; be ready to put your detail-oriented skills to work!

Program Objectives

  1. Apply technical knowledge needed in work situations which involve the welding of materials.
  2. Apply the skills necessary to handle welding and testing equipment associated with the various methods of welding.
  3. Select the appropriate tools and equipment to perform specific welding operations.
  4. Execute mechanical skills in an effective manner to perform a proper weld.
  5. Use welding tools and equipment in an effective and safe manner according to manufacturer's recommended procedures.
  6. Interpret and relate blueprint information to established work patterns.
  7. Communicate effectively to solve problems and seek appropriate guidance when confronted with a problematic situation.
  8. Identify, organize, plan, and allocate resources effectively in the computer environment.
  9. Develop strong communication and critical thinking skills to include reading, writing, editing, organizing, evaluating, problem solving, and presenting skills.
  10. Use interpersonal and team participation skills for effective co-workers and client relationships.

Career Opportunities

  • Welder
  • Structural Welder
  • Production Welder
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspector
  • Foreman 
  • Instructor

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Semester I

  • FYE 100 - First Year Experience
  • MAT 117 - Technical Math for Trades
  • ENG 110 - English Composition I
  • WEL 105 - Welding I
  • BUS 206 - Operations Management and Process Improvement
  • WEL 125 - Blueprint Reading for Welders

Semester II

  • CIT 100 - Microcomputer Applications
  • LIF 111 - Health and Wellness
  • COM 101 - Public Speaking
  • WEL 106 - Welding II
  • WEL 150 - OSHA - Laws and Regulations

Semester III

  • WEL 210 - Welding Equipment Repair and Troubleshooting
  • WEL 205 - Advanced Welding I
  • WEL 215 - Welding Inspection and Code Specifications
  • Elective - Social Science

Semester IV

  • ACE 200 - ACESS Portfolio
  • WEL 206 - Advanced Welding II
  • PHY 102 - Concepts of Physics
  • PHY 103 - Concepts of Physics Lab
  • WEL 220 - Metal Fabrication
  • WEL 230 - Welding Metallurgy and Materials Characterization

Minimum Credits to earn the A.A.S. Degree: 61

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