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Criminal Justice (A.S.)

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How does the threat of terrorism affect our lives? Should drug abusers be in rehab or prison? What punishments are “cruel and unusual”? As a student of criminal justice, you’ll study the law forward and backward, learn how the judicial system works, and discover the ins and outs of law enforcement agencies.

This programs will help you develop a keen knowledge of human behavior, the social environment, and community resources, while providing an introduction to the complex network known as the criminal justice system. Courses are designed to offer a balance of theory and application to encourage and develop critical thinking skills. This degree in Criminal Justice enables students, as well as current police officers, to enhance their skill sets and knowledge.

The Associate of Science (A.S.) Criminal Justice degree is designed to provide the foundation necessary for optimal transfer to bachelor degree programs in criminal justice or related fields. It also simultaneously prepares students for immediate employment in a rapidly growing field of interest. Basically, this program will prepare you for which path you prefer. You will be ready for anything!

Career Opportunities

Police Officer
Security Officer
Victim Advocacy Counselor
Victim Services Trainee
Probation Officer Trainee
Corrections Officer Trainee
Institutional Parole Assistant
DCNR (Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources) Ranger Trainee
Specialized Law Enforcement Instructor
Evidence Technician
Youth Detention Counselor
Legal Assistant
Crime Statistics Analyst
Insurance Investigator
Retail Loss Prevention 

Key Classes

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Juvenile Justice
Criminal Law & Procedure
Criminological Theory
Deviance & Victimology
Criminal Investigation & Policing

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