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Communication Studies (A.A.)

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We all know someone that talks, talks, and talks some more. Maybe YOU are that someone! Do you love a good debate? Is the rush of adrenaline that you get when speaking in front of others something that you thrive on? A degree in Communication Studies is definitely for you!

You’ll learn much more than how to be a powerful, persuasive speaker. Communicating with others is very complex, and you will practice the exchange of messages in every variety: face-to-face, through media, with words or without words, at work or at play.

Students will learn how communication interacts with media, technology, and society, while developing oral, written, critical thinking, and performance skills to succeed in various work environments.

Our Communication Studies degree is an Associate of Arts, meaning it is designed to help any student easily transfer their associate degree credits from Penn Highlands to any bachelor’s degree in Communication or related field at a four-year institution. Be confident in knowing that a degree from Penn Highlands will give you the foundation necessary to succeed in a field of communication.

Career Opportunities

Media Specialist
Speech Writer
Marketing Assistant
Sales Representative

Key Classes

Research Writing
Probability and Statistics
Group Dynamics
Media and Society
Organizational Communications
Interpersonal Communication

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