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Areas of Study

Academic Areas of Study

Our programs are grouped into six distinct areas of study to make it easy for you to learn more about the degrees, certificates, and diplomas we offer.

Within each area you will find a variety of options and programs to consider. Once you've narrowed your focus to the subjects that interest you most, you will be able to learn what courses are necessary to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. You can also browse our eLOG (Online College/Academic Catalog) to see complete program and course details for each of our programs.

Don't forget! We have experienced staff available to discuss options with you and help you succeed.

Need help finding a major?

Our online education and career planning system, FOCUS 2, is an interactive, self-paced career guidance system designed to help you select the right major, clarify your strengths and career goals, and provide you with valuable occupational information. Click here to learn more about FOCUS 2.

What can I do with a major?

Once you have selected a major using FOCUS 2, what possible career paths are in your future? Check out "What Can I Do With This Major?" for guidance. Created by the University of Tennessee, this website explores the possible careers related to your selected major, including the types of organizations for which you could work.