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ACE Faculty Liaisons are vital to the overall success of the Accelerated College Education (ACE) program.  An ACE Faculty Liaison makes it possible to determine whether the complete college curriculum is being covered at the high schools and to know if the quality and rigor are comparable to courses taught on campus.

ACE Faculty Liaisons have a unique opportunity to assist and observe ACE faculty who are teaching the same courses that are being taught on the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College campus. ACE Faculty Liaisons help ACE faculty identify strengths and areas for improvement, keep them updated on any changes to the curriculum and department policy, and share teaching styles and materials.

Role of the ACE Faculty Liaison

ACE Faculty Liaisons act as a resource for ACE faculty by answering questions, providing department approved exams, syllabi, and textbook information in a timely manner, and observing ACE faculty and providing helpful feedback. At all times, ACE Faculty Liaisons advocate the Penn Highlands partnership. Without this important position in the concurrent enrollment chain, it would be impossible to ensure quality in the education being delivered by the high schools.

Making and maintaining contact with ACE faculty is a major factor in maintaining the high quality of instruction the College provides to ACE students. The Academic Affairs office depends on ACE Faculty Liaisons to ensure a successful ACE program for high school students as they make the transition to Penn Highlands or other colleges and universities.

ACE Faculty Liaison Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the ACE Faculty Liaison to observe the high school ACE faculty to ensure methods and curriculum quality and comparability with courses taught at Penn Highlands. The ACE Faculty Liaison coaches the high school adjunct instructor, makes suggestions, and advises the adjunct instructor of college curriculum standards as necessary.

During site visits, the ACE Faculty Liaison observes the ACE faculty member to evaluate the curriculum and compare the quality and rigor to courses taught at Penn Highlands. If appropriate, the ACE Faculty Liaison may also function as a guest speaker, and/or team-teacher during site visits. This can be determined during correspondence with the ACE faculty.

A site visit takes place in the ACE faculty’s school building on a regular secondary school day. The visit is defined as the time spent in the secondary school building observing a class, presenting information to students, or conferring with the ACE faculty member. Observation, presentation, and conference activities may be combined in one site visit. Site visits other than peer review observations may be used for classroom presentations, observation, or conferences with the ACE faculty member.

ACE site visits are used for two purposes: to monitor the quality of instruction and to conduct an ACE Faculty Peer Review/Observation in compliance with adjunct faculty evaluation procedures.