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Advisory Committee

NACEP Accredited logoThe ACE Advisory Committee provides support to the ACE Program.  Committee members represent Academic Affairs, Faculty and Student Services.

Dr. Melissa Murray, Chair
Dean, School Partnerships

Dr. Ted Nichols
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services

Erica Reighard
Dean of Faculty

Jeffrey Maul
Director of Admissions

Sue Brugh
Director of Student Activities and Athletics

Joseph Slifko, Jr.
Professor, Business Management

William Wolff
Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences & Technology

Michele Rosian
School Partnerships Program Assistant

Sherry Shurin
Professor, Foundations of Learning

Dr. Robert Clark
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Jeannine McDevitt, M.A.
Associate Professor, English

Sherri Slavick
Instructor, Physical Sciences


Dr. Tim Konhaus
Instructor, Social Sciences


Dr. Kevin Slonka
Instructor, Computer Science


Gaynelle Schmeider
Assistant Professor, Health Care Professions