Laptop Borrowing Program 

Are there any restrictions on use of the laptops? Laptops may  be used anywhere in the College. They can all connect to the College's WIFI Network.
Who can borrow a laptop? All PHCC students in good standing and with a current, valid PHCC ID are eligible to borrow laptops.

All laptops are checked out to students through the Library's circulation system so an PHCC ID is required.

Laptops may not leave the PHCC Campus.

What about my liability for the laptop? Students are responsible for the laptop while it is checked out to them. Do not leave the laptop unattended at any time. If the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged while it is checked out, you are responsible.

When using a laptop, please bring any problems to the attention of the library staff immediately.

Users of the laptop must comply with all PHCC Computer Use Policies.

How long can I use the laptop? Laptops are checked out to students for a period of 3 hours. Laptops must be returned to the Circulation Desk of the Library one-hour before closing.

When returning a laptop, you must wait for the library staff to check the laptop for damage.  Disputes regarding the laptops and bags can only be resolved at the moment the laptop is returned.

Are there any fees or fines? The overdue charges for laptops are $5.00 per hour, up to four hours, after which the laptop is considered lost, and you will be billed for its replacement up to a maximum of $2,700.

If a student consistently returns a laptop late, borrowing privileges can be suspended.

What is loaded on the laptop? The computers are loaded with the Microsoft Office suite of applications including Word, Excel, Power-point and Access. This is the same software as loaded on other computers in the Library and labs.

Access to the Internet is also available

Data will not be able to be downloaded to the laptop. Data must be saved on external media, the student's network account, emailed, or printed.

All laptops will print to the Library printer.