College Research & Library Tutorial



This series of lessons will guide you through the process of doing research for a college paper.  The basics of picking a topic, gathering information, formatting in APA and citing in APA are all covered.  Each lesson is a collection of slides with videos demonstrating these things inserted.  Make sure to have your speakers turned on or headphones plugged in! The PHCC Library has headphones available to checkout if you are on campus.


The lessons are designed to be done in order.  If you have questions about the lessons contact Alex Kirby via email at or phone him at 814-262-6484

Lesson 1

Getting started with college research... 


This lesson will introduce the process of college research and give an overview of Library resources at PHCC. 

Lesson 2

Gathering Sources: Books and ebooks... 


This lesson will show you how to find books at the main campus and locate ebooks using the PHCC Library website. 

Lesson 3

Gathering Sources: Articles in online databases 


This lesson will show you how to search the online databases to find journal articles and more.

Lesson 4

Evaluating Web Pages


Not every website is a trustworthy sources for a paper.  This lesson will show you some things to look for when you evaluate sites for research. There is a handout to download about this as well. 

Lesson 5

APA Style: Formatting & Citation


This lesson will show you the basic format for an APA paper, basic rules for citation in APA and tools to make citations faster and easier. 


The link below has advice for evaulating web pages.