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This link is to Reading , Writing, Speaking and Listening standards as defined by the PA Department of Education.

Outcomes established by the CamSom Regional Library Group are as follows:

Promote intellectual curiosity

Elementary School Middle School High School Postsecondary Public Libraries
  • Organize information
  • Identify main ideas
  • Read and understand non-fiction reference materials (inc. books and other NF sources)





  • Access information
  • Evaluate information at a basic level
  • Process information and write in own words
  • Cite basic information according to a style
  • Use multi-type resources
  • Conduct advanced searching
  • Use parenthetical references
  • Synthesize information according to Bloom's taxonomy
  • Successfully apply knowledge
  • Evaluate information at an intermediate to advanced level
  • Cite references at an advanced level
  • Use  citation chaining
  • Synthesize and apply information
  • Conduct advanced critical evaluation of web pages.
  • Identify an information need and all sources to meet the need
  • Access information using a variety of techniques
  • Evaluate sources of information