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Pennsylvania Highlands provides training to employees across the Southern Alleghenies. Whether administered at our facility, on-site at your company, or online, our goal is to help your business or organization succeed.

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"The quality of the courses provided have been exceptional. The instructors devote their time and energy to ensuring clear, consistent lesson plans and prioritize learning and understanding of all students. These courses have been effective in the development of our staff."
- MetLife®


The Workforce and Economic Development Network (WEDnetPA) was created by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assist employers with the cost of training their employees that are engaged in high-priority occupations.

Companies can receive training funds up to $450 per employee for Essential Skills (defined as those that directly improve the essential job skills required for the employee's current position) and up to $850 per employee for Advanced Technology (comprises job functions related to automation in manufacturing processes and research and development resulting in the use of science and technology).

The Essential Skills and Advanced Technology training programs are available to qualified Pennsylvania companies and out-of-state businesses relocating to the state.

Eligible Essential Skills Training Topics (not all-inclusive)

  • Applied Mathematics and Measurement
  • Business Operations
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Computer Training – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access
  • Product and Process Control
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals-Blueprint reading, Machine setup and Maintenance, Tooling, Grinding, Welding, Soldering
  • Problem Solving
  • Product and Process Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Workplace Behavior Skills
  • Workplace Health and Safety

Eligible Advanced Technology Training (not all inclusive)

  • Advanced Machine Operations and Maintenance
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology including CAD, CAM, CNC, PLC
  • Advanced Software Implementation
  • Website Design and Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Database Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Network Administration and Technology Support
  • Information Security
  • Management Information Systems
  • Medical Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • Systems Analysis

To find out if your company qualifies for the WEDnetPA Grant, contact Julie Davis at 814.262.3813 or jdavis@pennhighlands.edu for more information.