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Customized Training

Many organizations and businesses have limits on how, when and where they can conduct training. We work with business and industry to devise a strategy that best meets a company's needs within a time frame and budget that supports its core mission.

Our staff works with company personnel to determine specific needs; including availability and competencies of employees, identifying and developing a curriculum, and determining outcomes that will support the goals established by a company's strategic plan.

Whether it is on-site at one of the College's multiple facilities, or through a hybrid approach such as combining online with classroom training, our central goal is to improve a business's operations and help the economic vitality of the region. In pursuit of this goal, we want to make Pennsylvania Highlands the college of choice when it comes to workforce education.


"Pennsylvania Highlands has put together customized courses that fit our business model and employees. The College has helped us maintain and grow our employee base by investing in our employee's education."
- Kurt Kushner
Inbound Manager
McAneny Brothers, Inc.
"The support and flexibility that Pennsylvania Highlands Community College has given us has been exceptional."
- Marie Colosimo
HR Manager
API Systems, Inc.
API Defense, Inc.
"Pennsylvania Highlands is always responsive and willing to help us achieve immediate training - including customizing training to meet our specific needs."
- Rebecca Z. Styles
President/General Manager
Lockheed Martin AeroParts, Inc.