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Workforce Education

Pennsylvania Highlands' Workforce Education is an alliance of education and industry whose purpose is to enhance workforce development.

We provide comprehensive assessment of employer needs for training by developing and offering customized programs according to assessed needs for private businesses, industries and other agencies throughout the Southern Alleghenies.

In addition to enhancing companies within our region, we pride ourselves on being a catalyst for attracting businesses and industries to the areas through our ability to train the necessary talent pool.

Our services include...

  • Providing comprehensive assessment services to firms within the region.

  • Enhancing the current skill base of employees.

  • Providing the necessary training to improve the skill transferability of displaced workers and workers with disabilities.

  • Acting as a catalyst to attract business/industry to the area because of its ability to train the needed talent pool.

  • Being an in-house consulting agent for the development of degree granting and certification programs.

  • Providing certification programs in occupations that meet specific industry and business skill requirements.

  • Customizing training to meet customer needs.

  • Conducting training at one of our four educational facilities, on-site at a business through a 20-seat mobile laptop lab, or via video-conferencing for distance learning.