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SAT® Test Prep FAQs

  1. Who should take this course?
  2. What is included?
  3. What information is covered?
  4. Why doesn't my class include practice tests?
  5. What are the online review tools?
  6. What are our programs and instructors like?


The SAT Summer Institute is ideal for students who need an intensive preparation program during the summer. This one-week institute is intensive and requires students to continue to practice their skills in the weeks and months leading up to the exam. Students are expected to actively participate in class and in the online review sessions.

This course is ideal for rising juniors that may be taking the test for the first time and for those high schools students that have already taken the exam but wish to improve their score.


The Summer Institute Includes:

  • 20 hours of expert classroom instruction
  • 4 hours of online review leading up to the fall exam dates
  • Experienced, expert instructors
  • Online instructor office hours
  • Course Textbook
  • Course Workbook
  • Easy to follow study plan


The Summer Institute covers:

  • Test Taking Strategies
    • Introduction to the SAT
    • Question Formats
    • Time Management
    • Stress Management
    • Process of Elimination
  • Quantitative Subjects
    • Comparisons
    • Picking numbers
    • Equations
    • Exponents
    • Fractions
    • Percentages and Averages
    • Rates, Ratios, and Proportions
    • Lines, Angles, and Triangles
    • Circles
    • Polygons
    • Combined figures
    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Volume and Surface Area
    • New Symbols
  • Verbal Subjects
    • Analogies
    • Sentence Completion
    • Critical Reading


An important part of any successful test preparation program is taking practice exams. Why then don’t we take practice tests during class? Because our experience has shown that students perform better when every minute of class time is spent covering new topics. Practice tests are important, but they will be assigned to be taken outside of classroom time. This allows your instructor to cover more topics, and in more depth, than would be possible if practice tests were taken during class.

Practice tests are provided as part of your course materials, and your instructor will indicate when it is most beneficial for you to take them in order to best supplement your work in the classroom.


Much more than a one-week class, the SAT Summer Institute includes online tools to help you perform at your peak on exam day. Four online review sessions are held in the weeks leading up to the fall SAT exam dates. Online office hours provide a convenient way for students to address specific questions or concerns that they may have. Students need only have high speed access to the internet, speakers, and Adobe Flash Player to participate in the online sessions – no additional software is required.

The interactive one hour online review sessions allow students to participate and ask questions of our expert test prep instructors. The live online review sessions are also recorded - students can still benefit even if their schedule doesn't allow live participation. Review sessions will follow the schedule of the Summer Institute.

Online office hours are free form meetings open to any student in an SAT Summer Institute. Instructors will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have. The "drop in" sessions are student-directed; meaning that there will not be a planned presentation each session. Our instructors will answer questions and work through problems in the order that they are received.

Online Review System Requirements: The Live-Online SAT sessions are offered online using Adobe Connect software. All you need is a high speed internet connection, speakers, and an Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded for free.

Check your system for Compatibility
Note: The Adobe Connect plug-in, microphone, and camera are not required or used in the delivery of the online review sessions.

Download Adobe Flash Player.


Pennsylvania Highlands offers the SAT® Summer Institute program in partnership with Educational Testing Consultants, a leader in higher education test preparation. Each year, Educational Testing Consultants helps hundreds of students prepare for the important pre-college standardized tests at major colleges and universities across the United States. Educational Testing Consultants provides a proven program with a record of success and highly-trained top quality instructors.

These classes are designed by current and former test item writers with years of experience – including experience writing questions for these same tests. No classes provide more insight into both the science and the art of test taking! Instructors are selected based on instructional experience, advanced degree level, and exceptional performance on the SAT exam.