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eBay Success

Are you interested in creating a casual income online? Gain the knowledge and resources needed to successfully make money selling on eBay. Learn how to locate products to sell, customer service best practices, determine pricing, resolve disputes and much more from an experienced eBay seller.
Wednesdays, 11/05-11/26, 6-8pm, Richland, $49, ZGI 042

Photography for Beginners

Whether you just bought a new camera or would like to learn how to use your camera more effectively, instructor Charles Rametta explains everything you need to know! Learn basic composition and lighting along with camera handling, lenses, aperture and shutter speeds. Any digital camera is welcome. Bring your manual and a basic understanding of how your camera operates. An outdoor shooting session will be included if weather permits!
Thursdays, 10/09-11/13, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZGI 020

Digital Photo Basics for Seniors

Do you take a lot of photos but are unsure of what to do next? Are you 55 or older? If so, then join long-time photography instructor Charles Rametta and learn the basics! You’ll learn how to transfer your photos from camera to computer, e-mail them to friends, upload them to Facebook and perform basic adjustments with a simple editing program. You’ll need to bring your camera with photos and USB cable, or a memory card with stored photos.
Mondays, 09/08-09/29, 10am-12pm, Richland, $49, ZGI 041

Hiking Safely

From preparing for your hike to necessary equipment, personal safety and outdoor ethics, gain the knowledge and skills needed to make hiking a sustainable activity. Class will meet one weekday evening for in-class instruction and one Saturday for an instructional hike. Bring a packed lunch for the hike.
Thursdays, 09/25, 6-8pm, AND Sat., 09/27, 10am-2pm, Richland, $29, ZGI 037 (Rain date 10/04)

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a high-tech version of hide-and-seek using a hand held global positioning system (GPS) or GPS enabled mobile device. You will be given a set of GPS coordinates and other clues then attempt to find the treasure, aka geocaches or caches. Caches may be containers with a logbook to document your visit or an item for you to exchange for one of your own.
Thursdays, 10/02, 6-8pm, Richland, $19, ZGI 038
Required Material(s): GPS or GPS enabled mobile device

Pet First Aid/CPR

This class is perfect for pet owners who may need to save their pet’s life. Knowing the life-saving skills and techniques of pet first aid is an important part of being a caring pet owner or caretaker. The training is taught by lecture, demonstration, and hands-on skill practice. You will learn restraining an ill or injured pet, pet CPR, rescue breathing, ABC’s of pet first aid, choking management, bleeding protocols, poisoning, pet wellness assessment and much more! No pets!
Tuesdays, 09/23-09/30, 6-8pm, Richland, $40, ZPE 004

The Basics of Fly Fishing

Join professional fly-fishing guide David Krupa for an introduction to the art of fly-fishing and fly-tying. You will start by learning the history and philosophy of fly-fishing before receiving an introduction to the art of fly-fishing and the equipment used. David will teach you the basics of stream entomology and fly-selection, as well as the basics of fly-tying. Open to anyone age 12 and older.
Thursday, 10/16, 6-9pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZGI 040

FREE Hospice Volunteer Workshop

Join Emma Strapple, Volunteer Director at Windber Hospice, for this free introductory workshop on hospice volunteers. Learn the basics as well as the various roles and responsibilities a hospice volunteer can have. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to enroll in the free extensive training program offered through Windber Hospice. Pre-registration is required.
Tuesday & Thursday, 08/26 & 08/28, 6-8pm, Richland, Free, ZGI 045

An Introduction to Voiceovers

Fun, empowering introductory workshop covering the different types of voiceovers and what tools are needed to find success. Receive coaching and a professional voiceover evaluation. Gain the knowledge necessary for the decision if voiceover is something you'd like to pursue. Taught by a professional voice actor from the Voice Acting Training Company, Voices For All.
Tuesday, 09/16, 6-8pm, Richland $49, ZGI 003

Wine Pairing

Take your taste buds on a journey and discover the delights of combining different food tastes with various wine styles to enhance different flavors. This course focuses on the combination of wine and food, highlighting its effect on taste. This is the perfect course to attend prior to hosting meals this holiday season!
Thursday, 11/06, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $39, ZGI 043

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Do you know how to protect yourself from ID theft and fraud? Learn how ID thieves steal information about you and what puts you most at risk of having your identity stolen. Don’t become another victim. Attend this workshop and learn what you can do to protect your privacy and reduce your exposure both locally and globally.
Thursday, 09/25, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $24, ZGI 044

Introduction to Theater

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, find your voice and actively participate with peers while discovering your untapped talent! You will perform one-act plays and participate in improvisation each week. By the final week of class, you will work in groups of two and perform a 10-minute play.
Tuesdays, 09/02-09/23, 6-9pm, Somerset, $69, ZGI 013

Introduction to Playwriting

Do you have a great idea for a play but are unsure how to turn that idea into a finished piece of work? Join Rebecca Frola and discover the process of writing a one-act play from conception to final draft completion. Class meetings focus on reading and discussing student work, along with select published plays. Exercises in dialogue, character development, conflict, structure and journaling will reinforce class discussions.
Tuesdays, 10/14-11/04, 6-9pm, Somerset, $69, ZGI 014