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Dance Classes

Dancing with a Partner, Beginner

“Wow” your friends, family and co-workers with new dance moves. Join husband and wife instructors Paul & Jeanie to learn basic dance patterns and techniques. Enjoy learning the principles of moving together and to lead and follow while spending quality time with your partner. This course is designed for couples. Please wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole; no athletic shoes.
Thursdays, 09/04-10/02, 6-7pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 001.01
Thursdays, 10/09-11/13*, 7-8pm, Richland, $65, ZDA001.02
*No class 10/16

Dancing with a Partner, Level II

Ready for more? Take your dancing skills to the next level as you build on the patterns and steps learned in the Dancing with a Partner (Beginner) course. Students should wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole. Prerequisite: Intro to Partner Dancing or Pre-Bronze American Style Smooth Dancing
Thursdays, 10/09-11/13*, 6-7pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 005
*No class 10/16

Latin Dancing

The dance styles of Salsa, Cha-Cha and Rumba have become well-known due in part to the popularity of Latin music. Salsa is a night club-street style dance; Cha-Cha is a staccato flirtatious dance; and Rumba is a romantic, sensuous dance. This class will give you and your partner an introduction to each style. No prior dance experience necessary. Wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole.
Thursdays, 10/09-11/13*, 8-9pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 006
*No class 10/16

Night Club Slow Dancing

Do you have a wedding or other important event to attend? Not sure what to do one the dance floor? Why not Join Paul and Jeanie and learn to dance to slow music as a couple? You will learn some very nice patterns and movements, such as Foxxy and Night Club Two Step, to help you enjoy dancing to slow music with your partner. No prior dance experience is needed.
Thursdays, 09/04-10/02, 8-9pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 024

Intro to Swing & Jitterbug

When the music tempo gets fast a lot of the guys leave the dance floor or some will stay and do some free style. With this course, everyone will learn to dance to faster music as a couple. Wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole.
Thursdays, 09/04-10/02, 7-8pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 026