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Arts & Crafts Classes

Learn to Crochet

This course is designed for those who have never crocheted but have always wanted to learn. Discover the basics of crocheting and pattern reading. In no time at all you’ll be prepared to make anything from blankets to swimsuits! A materials list will be provided at registration.
Wednesdays, 09/03-10/01, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 055.01
Wednesdays, 10/08-11/05, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 055.02
Wednesdays, 11/12-12/10, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 055.03

Beginner’s Floral Design

Join our instructor, a professional floral designer, and gain basic knowledge of commonly used flowers, fillers and design styles. Take home completed projects weekly. Additional topics include balance, symmetry and more.
Mondays, 10/06-10/27, 6-8pm, Richland, $149, ZAC 028

Floral Design II

This second level course is centered on weddings and other formal events. Our professional floral designer teaches you to make wrist corsages, several types of bouquets (hand-held, hand-tied, presentation bouquets) and floral cake toppers. Materials are included in the tuition fee.
Mondays, 11/03-11/24, 6-8pm, Richland, $149, ZAC 037

Learn to Paint Like the Impressionist Masters

Painting instructor Alan Rauch uses demonstration and one-on-one instruction in the Impressionist style of Monet, Renior and Van Gogh. Participants will receive a new and challenging assignment every other week. All levels welcome.   Please ask for a supplies list when registering.
Tuesdays, 09/16-10/21, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZAC 029

Jewelry Making

If you’ve always wanted to make your own jewelry, you won’t want to miss this class! Our seasoned instructor will guide you through the process of designing and creating your own custom-made jewelry from the basics (earrings and necklaces) to more advanced jewelry such as rings and wire bending. Materials are included in the tuition fee. 
Tuesdays, 09/02-09/30, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 056.01
Tuesdays, 10/07-11/04, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 056.02
Tuesdays, 11/18-12/16, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 056.03

Bottle Art

Learn the basics of glass cutting and how to make beautiful art, from candles to wind chimes. Our instructor has been making and selling bottle art for over 10 years and will introduce you to the basics, including tools, safety, cutting bottles, and etching on glass. Appropriate for adults and children ages 13 and up. Materials are included in the tuition fee.
Mondays, 09/08-09/22, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZAC 057.01
Mondays, 10/06-10/20, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZAC 057.02 
Mondays, 11/03-11/17, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZAC 057.03