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Center-Based Classes:Huntingdon

Email & Internet Basics

Feeling left behind on the Information Superhighway? This course will teach you how to navigate websites and search for information. You will also learn to send and receive email and register with a website.
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Digital Photography

Whether you just bought a new camera or would like to learn how to use your camera more effectively, find out everything you need to know! Learn basic composition and lighting along with camera handling, lenses, aperture and shutter speeds. Any digital camera is welcome. Bring your manual and a basic understanding of how your camera operates.
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Basic Computers: Windows 7

You will examine the parts that make up a personal computer to familiarize yourself with the basic components and individual functions of each component. Explore the Windows 7 operating system, manage files and folders using Windows Explorer to navigate to folders and understand application software. Learn to use common tools and applications that are part of the Windows 7 operating system such as the Word-Pad word processor, the Paint tool, the Calculator tool, among others. You'll also be shown how to personalize the Windows 7 desktop to suit your business requirements and examine networking tools and features so that you can browse for information.
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Introduction to Word

Identify and work with basic Word tools and features. Edit text in a Word document, modify the appearance of text in a Word document, insert special characters and graphical objects and organize data in tables. Explore how to proof a Word document, control the appearance of pages in a Word document and print a Word document.
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Introduction to Excel

You will be introduced to terminology, entering and editing data, modifying a worksheet. You'll also learn to use functions, format worksheets, print, create charts and manage large workbooks.
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Introduction to PowerPoint

This course covers the basic functions and features of PowerPoint. Learn to open and run a presentation and switch between views. Create a basic presentation and add content; arrange, insert and delete slides and apply templates and design themes. Learn how to create and edit shapes, insert and modify WordArt objects and pictures and work with tables, charts and diagrams. Discover how to proof a presentation, create speaker notes and present and share your presentations.
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