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Center-Based Classes: Ebensburg

iPads Out of the Box: A Guide for the New User

Did you recently get a new iPad but are unsure how to use it? Learn to use the basic functions, more advanced features and how to sync your iPad with other devices. You must bring your own iPad.
Thursday, 10/09, 6-8pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZCO 019

iPads: Beyond the Basics

Don't stop at the basics! Let's move beyond the basics and discover the power that lies within your iPad! Apps, editing, and many more useful tips and tricks! Please bring your own iPad.
Thursday, 11/13, 6-8pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZCO 021.02

The Basics of Fly Fishing

Join professional fly-fishing guide David Krupa for an introduction to the art of fly-fishing and fly-tying. You will start by learning the history and philosophy of fly-fishing before receiving an introduction to the art of fly-fishing and the equipment used. David will teach you the basics of stream entomology and fly-selection, as well as the basics of fly-tying. Open to anyone age 12 and older.
Thursday, 10/16, 6-9pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZGI 040

One-Day ServSafe Certification

This one-day course is recommended for people in occupations where food is handled and meets PA licensure guidelines. The length of the entire course is 15 hours, which includes 7.5 hours of self/home study prior to the date of the one-day seminar. Participants must sign an affidavit the day of the course stating that they have participated in 7.5 hours of home study prior to taking the course. A textbook must be purchased and is available at the College book store. Registration is necessary two weeks prior to the start date of this course. A valid photo ID is needed for the exam. *If you require a non-English exam you MUST request this at registration.
Monday, 12/01, 8:30am-4:30pm, Ebensburg, $90, CED 135.08
Required Textbook: ServSafe Manager with Answer Sheet (6th Edition), ISBN: 978-0133908374

Basic Computers: Windows 7

You will examine the parts that make up a personal computer to familiarize yourself with the basic components and individual functions of each component. Explore the Windows 7 operating system, manage files and folders using Windows Explorer to navigate to folders and understand application software. Learn to use common tools and applications that are part of the Windows 7 operating system such as the Word-Pad word processor, the Paint tool, the Calculator tool, among others. You'll also be shown how to personalize the Windows 7 desktop to suit your business requirements and examine networking tools and features so that you can browse for information.
Thursdays, 10/02-10/09, 6-9pm, Ebensburg, $69, CED 017.02


Improved physical fitness, increased mental clarity, tension relief, and general well-being are a few of the benefits of yoga. Join our yoga instructor as you gently stretch and strengthen your body, clear your mind and release stress. Please bring yoga mat and yoga strap (or necktie).
Tuesdays, 09/09-09/30, 6-7pm, Ebensburg, $25, ZMB 012.04
Tuesdays, 10/07-10/28, 6-7pm, Ebensburg, $25, ZMB 012.05
Tuesdays, 11/04-12/09*, 6-7pm, Ebensburg, $25, ZMB 012.06
*No class 11/11 & 11/25