Tuition & Fees

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College reserves the right to change tuition and fees without prior notification before the beginning of any academic year. All charges are due in full by the tuition due date unless other arrangements have been made with the Bursar’s Office. If you plan to change your registration, check the refund schedule or contact the Bursar’s Office to see how your billing will be affected. If you have been awarded financial aid, you should also meet with someone from the Financial Aid Office to see how changes in your registration will affect your financial aid award. Collection costs may be added to any defaulted student account balance. Defaulted account balances will be placed with an outside collection agency and will incur additional costs and/or legal fees. Accounts of graduating students must be paid in full prior to the release of diplomas.

Returned checks, for any reason, will be assessed a returned check fee.

  • 2017-18 Full Time Tuition & Fees Per Semester (students registering for 12-18 credits)

    (Cambria County)
    Somerset County Non-Sponsored Out-of-State
    Tuition $1,905 $2,970 $3,060 $4,725
    Comprehensive Service Fee $930 $930 $930 $930
    Total: $2,835 $3,900 $3,990 $5,655
  • 2017-18 Part-Time Tuition Per Credit (students registering for 1-11 credits)

    Residence Description Tuition
    Sponsored Cambria County Residents Only $127/credit
    Somerset County Somerset County Residents Only $198/credit
    Non-Sponsored Residents of Pennsylvania living outside of Cambria County $204/credit
    Out-of-State Non-Pennsylvania Residents $315/credit
  • 2017-18 Fees Per Credit

    Fee Description Amount
    Comprehensive Service Fee $62.00
    Course Audit Fee $50.00
    Senior Course Audit Fee Cambria County Residents 55 and older $25.00
  • 2017-18 Lab Materials & Fees

    Fee Description Amount
    Lab/Material Fee Additional cost in specific courses depending on consumable supplies and materials required $10.00-$950.00
  • 2017-18 Other Fees

    Fee Description Amount
    Late Registration $50.00
    Late ACE Registration $25.00
    Prior Learning Assessment Evaluation of work and life experience for Credit $150.00
    Accelerated College Education $58.00/credit
    Developmental Classes – Summer Only Rate $58.00/credit

  • 2018-19 Full-time Per Semester Tuition & Comprehensive Fee (12-18 credits)

    Tuition Comprehensive Fee Total
    Cambria County Residents $1,980 $930 $2,910
    Somerset County Residents $3,045 $930 $3,975
    Other Pennsylvania Residents $3,135 $930 $4,065
    Out-of-State $4,800 $930 $5,730
  • 2018-19 Per Credit Tuition & Comprehensive Fee

    Tuition Comprehensive Fee Total
    Cambria County Residents $132 $62 $194
    Somerset County Residents $203 $62 $265
    Other Pennsylvania Residents $209 $62 $271
    Out-of-State $320 $62 $382
    Accelerated College Education (ACE) $58 $0 $58
    Summer Session Developmental $58 $0 $58
  • 2018-19 Other Fees

    Laboratory Fee (per course) $10-$500
    *includED® Course Materials Fee (per course) up to $150
    Aviation Fee (per course) up to $10,000
    Histotechnology Fee (per credit) $230
    Prior Learning Assessment Fee $150
    Late Registration Fee $50
    ACE Late Registration Fee $25
    Course Audit Fee $50
    Senior Course Audit Fee (55 and older) $25
    Returned Check/Re-Issue Check Fee $25
    Payment Plan Fee $25
    Payment Plan Late Fee $10
    Duplicate Diploma $10
    ID Replacement $5

    *includED® Course Materials Fee covers the cost of digital course materials at a discounted cost for a select list of courses.

Bursar’s Office
1.888.385.7325 (PEAK)