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Dual Enrollment (ACE)

Earn college credits while still in high school!

Qualified high school students can take advantage of Penn Highlands’ fully accredited Accelerated College Education (ACE) program, where students will have the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses taught by their high school or technical school teacher. ACE students can earn dual credits through both Penn Highlands and your high school. These credits will count towards your associate’s degree, or are able to be transferred to other colleges and universities.

Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 academic year is $58 per credit. Click here to view a complete list of ACE courses being offered for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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    How does ACE work?
    We partner with high schools to identify both qualified adjunct instructors and college courses that fit the ACE program. Once identified, high school students can then register with Penn Highlands for the courses.

    All successfully completed courses will have grades recorded on both a Penn Highlands’ transcript and on the student’s high school record.

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    Why should I participate?
    Enrolling in our ACE program provides many benefits. Here are just a few:

    • You will save money. Our courses are offered at a significantly reduced tuition rate compared to standard college courses. This saves you money, now and in the future.
    • You will receive college credit. The credits you earn will be applied towards a Penn Highlands’ degree or are transferable to many other colleges or universities.
    • You will get a jump start on college. ACE courses help ease the transition from high school to college by allowing you to experience what a college course is like.
    • You get to stay close to home. All ACE courses are offered in local high schools, making travel to any Penn Highlands facility unnecessary.
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    Apply for ACE

    The first step to enroll into the ACE program is to complete an online ACE Student Application. After your application has been processed, you will receive an email that will include your myPEAK username and course registration information.

    Ready to apply? Click here!

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    Placement Test

    Placement Testing is required for all ACE students wishing to enroll in English, math, chemistry, or physics. Students must achieve a particular score in the discipline of math, English or both in order to register for some college-level courses. Placement testing is available at all College locations and at select high schools. Please contact your high school guidance office to check on availability. To learn more, please visit the Student Success Center’s webpage.

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    Register for ACE

    If you have already applied and been accepted into the ACE Program, you may register for classes. To complete the registration process you must log in to myPEAK, so have your user ID and password ready.

    Have your user ID and password ready? You can click here to complete your registration process. (After clicking this link, you will be asked to log in.)

    Don’t have a user ID or password?

    This information is emailed to you within two business days after you complete your application. Please check your email for the instructions on activating your account, including your temporary password.

    If you need further assistance, please contact the ACE Help Line at 814.262.6444 or ace@pennhighlands.edu.

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    Paying for ACE

    Payments for ACE tuition can processed online through the College's myPEAK portal for students. Tuition payment options include credit card (Visa or MasterCard), e-check, or by phone with the Bursar’s Office.

    Payment may also be mailed directly to the Bursar's Office at:

    Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
    Attn: Bursar's Office
    101 Community College Way
    Johnstown, PA  15904

    Click here to make an online payment. After clicking this link, you will be asked to log in, so have your user ID and password ready.

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    Key Dates

    Fall 2016 (Fall & Full-Year Courses)

    May 9

    ACE Application is available. (Last day to complete application is October 11.)
    ACE Registration opens for fall only and full year ACE classes.
    COMPASS Placement Testing begins for the Fall. (Last day to complete test is October 12.)

    August 10

    Tuition Payments due for Fall Associate in High School students.

    October 14

    Registration closes for fall only and full year ACE classes.

    October 21

    Tuition Payments due for fall only and full year ACE courses.

    October 21

    Last day to drop a Fall 2016 ACE course and receive 100% refund.

    November 14

    Last Day for Student-Initiated Withdrawal from Fall ACE courses.*

    Spring 2017

    December 5

    ACE Application is available. (Last day to complete application is February 6.)
    ACE Spring Registration opens.
    COMPASS Placement Testing begins for the Spring. (Last day to complete test is February 8.)

    January 20

    Last Day for Student-Initiated Withdrawal for Full Year ACE courses.*

    February 10

    Registration closes for Spring ACE courses.

    February 17

    Tuition Payments due for Spring Semester ACE courses.
    Last day to drop a Spring 2017 ACE course and receive 100% refund.

    March 17

    Last day for Student-Initiated Withdrawal from Spring Semester ACE courses.*

    *Note: Students who withdraw from a class receive a 'W' grade on their transcript. The 'W' grade does not calculate into the cumulative grade point average.

Are you a returning ACE student?

You do not need to complete the ACE application. Simply log on to myPEAK and register for the courses. If you forgot your username/password, contact the IT Help Desk at 814.262.6470 or helpdesk@pennhighlands.edu.

If you need further assistance, please contact the ACE Help Line at 814.262.6444 or ace@pennhighlands.edu.

Pennsylvania Highlands' ACE program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships. You can learn more on the NACEP website.