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Q. Will my Pennsylvania Highlands Community College credits transfer?

A. It depends. We are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Our credits are highly transferable. However, the transferability of your specific credits depends on several items – your major at the receiving institution, your grades at the sending institution (Pennsylvania Highlands Community College), and the policies of the department or college that oversees your intended major.

Q. Will my associate degree transfer?

A. Certain associate degrees are transferable into specific majors at specific colleges or universities. It is critical that a student speaks to a transfer professional to ensure correct selection of a Pennsylvania Highlands Community College major.

Q. How do I get my credits evaluated?

A. The Office of Educational Partnerships can perform a preliminary transfer credit evaluation. The receiving institution always has the final authority about the acceptance of transfer credits. However, we work in tandem with the senior institution to plan the courses that are appropriate to complete here that will count toward the graduation requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

Q. What college/university will give me the best deal?

A. Only you can make that decision. However, we do provide some “shopping” opportunities. First, we host at least one transfer event each year. Representatives from 20+ higher education institutions visit our campus at the same time to talk to students about their respective schools.Second, we invite institutions to visit us on an individual basis. A transfer counselor or admissions representative may visit once or several times a year to have more focused discussions with students about their transfer plans. Finally, the institution offers a credit bearing course entitled Introduction to Liberal Arts (HUM 115). In addition to the pursuit of knowledge regarding issues in American higher education, the students explore the realities of transferring. For a project, each student selects a college and a major in order to inform the class in oral and written presentations how one transfers to that school. The project can be the actual pursuit of admission to one’s school of choice.

Q. Will my credits from other institutions transfer?

A. While Pennsylvania Highlands Community College may have accepted credits you earned at other postsecondary institutions that does not guarantee that your next institution will do the same. You must provide an official copy of each of your transcripts to the senior institution for appropriate consideration of credit equivalencies.

Q. How should I begin the transfer process ?

A. The process should begin by talking with a transfer professional. Some students are focused on the desired major and school and other students have yet to decide what they want in their future. In either case, we want to assist you.Students must understand that while they are working with the Office of Educational Partnerships to ease the transition to the new institution, students have the sole responsibility of meeting all application deadlines at the senior institution as well as understanding the process for acceptance into the desired major.

Q. When should I begin the transfer process ?

A. A student is encouraged to begin the transfer process as soon as transferring becomes a viable option.