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The Middle States Commission on Higher Education allows each accredited institution to make its own decisions about transfer credits, and it may take into account a variety of factors, such as how well the credits students earned at another institution fit the requirements for the program they wish to pursue, the comparability of learning goals for the courses at the other institution, the grades students received in the courses they took, whether the college they attended is accredited, and other factors that vary from one institution to another.

Transferring your earned credits from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College can easily be accomplished if you plan early and seek assistance from a transfer professional in the Student Success Center. Whether your plan is to transfer prior to or after earning a degree with us, we want to ensure a smooth transition. Your success is our success!

Please Note:
While courses may transfer to the university, they may or may not apply to the specific degree the student wants to pursue. The only way to determine which credits (if any) a college or university will accept is to contact the institution directly. Students should contact the transfer coordinator at the university of their choice in order to verify what will and will not transfer. Students who know in advance that they may wish to transfer to another institution should contact the receiving institution as soon as possible about the transferability of credits. Students considering transfer should discuss their options with their prospective university’s transfer coordinator and/or your Pennsylvania Highlands academic advisor.

Looking to obtain your bachelor's degree?

We can help. Allow an education from Pennsylvania Highlands to be your foundation for a bachelor's degree at a four-year institution. Don't forget, plan early!


PA TRAC stands for the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center, which was created as a one-stop shop for transfer students, administrators and advisors/faculty. The PA TRAC website contains the following information:

  • Information about the " Transfer Credit Framework(Students who successfully complete courses from the Transfer Credit Framework can transfer those credits to any of the participating colleges and universities and have them count towards graduation)

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