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International Students

Pennsylvania Highlands can accept international students that submit employment based visas only.

  • Please note that Pennsylvania Highlands cannot assist international students with obtaining an I-20 or in obtaining or transferring a student visa.
  • International students are treated as non-residents of the State of Pennsylvania with respect to tuition and fees.


Matriculated Students

  (Declaring a Pennsylvania Highlands major and pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate)
  1. Complete an application for admission either online or in paper.
  2. Verify your residence.  As a Penn Highlands student, tuition will be determined by the legal/home/permanent address.  Students must provide proof of residency so that an appropriate tuition rate may be applied. Refer to Residency Verification  for approved documents that can be used to verify your legal/home/permanent address. (Note: Your high school transcript can be used to verify your residence).
  3. Submit an official copy of your final high school transcript or GED.
  4. Submit a visa with an expiration date that exceeds the expected graduation date of your chosen program of study.
  5. Pay the $20 application fee if you are a brand new student with Penn Highlands.
  6. After completion of these steps, an acceptance letter will be mailed to the student. An IMPORTANT email will also be sent to the student with myPEAK account information and activation instructions along with information about next steps. BE SURE TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

 Admissions Office