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Closing and Delay Procedures for Inclement Weather

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is a commuter institution and recognizes the commitments that its employees and students make to attend work, classes, and events at the College’s locations. In that regard, Penn Highlands will remain open and operational unless extreme weather conditions or other emergencies do not permit it to do so.

In consultation with key administrative staff, the responsibility for the decision to close the College rests with the College President. In the case of severe weather which limits the College from safely opening campus buildings, the College will close as a unit. In a localized emergency or weather condition, a campus or center may be closed individually at the direction of the Center Director in consultation with the College President.

It is not the College’s intention to place any student or employee into a perilous situation. Therefore individuals must exercise discretion in determining what actions they wish to take in weather or other college-related emergency situations. Employees may use paid leave time to avoid unsafe travel and the College has asked our faculty to provide for a liberal leave policy for students who are unable to travel due to inclement weather. The College does not strictly follow the delays and cancellations of local school districts.

This communication outlines the procedures that will be followed for inclement weather conditions and serves as an official notice for all members of the college community.

  1. The College will make every effort to announce delays or cancellations at least two hours prior to the scheduled start of class.
  2. Messages will appear on the College’s website, Facebook, and Twitter and will be broadcasted on local radio and television stations as well as through the emergency text message notification system.
  3. Classes scheduled to begin at or after a delayed start time will meet. Classes scheduled to start prior to a delay but end following the delay will begin at the time the College opens. Classes scheduled to start and end before a delayed start will not meet.
    1. Example: If there is a two hour delay on Monday (the College opens at 10am), you will not meet with classes that are held from 8-8:50am and 9-9:50am. Classes that begin at 10am will meet. If there is a two hour delay on Tuesday, and your class typically meets from 9:25-10:40am, you will report to class at 10am and meet until the scheduled time of 10:40am.
  4. If at all possible, delayed classes will begin at a time to accommodate the class schedule.